Molly Gardner Art

I am a painter out of Austin Texas, and recently moved to Denver. I use anything and everything Gaia to inspire me. Nature cannot ever be made better, but it is always a challenge to try and represent it the best I can. I paint abstracted animal and backgrounds, with oils or acrylic on large canvases. Everything around me is a constant source or wonder and inspiration that I am constantly using to try to grow more. I also love color and what it can do for your eyes and mind. I love to evoke emotions in people, usually those of happiness and joy . Bless the world you are in and love those around you. I LOVE YOU.

I do live painting as well. this means I paint at shows such as STS9, Ott ,Shpongletron, Emancipator, Tipper, Michael Menert, Heyoka, Beats Antique and Subswara. Events and Festivals Such as Manifestation Celebration, Envision, Sonic Bloom, Art Outside, nocturnal, and and Gnarnia. I love painting to music with all of everyone's lovely energies being around me.


Jason Bild

Geometric in nature and reality shattering. Follow Jason on social media platforms using @Bildings



Since August 2016, we have coalesced our creativity by joining forces and painting collaboratively. Individually, we draw upon our unique artistic strengths; Bohl articulates a commanding sense of focus through dynamic, deliberate strokes upon buttery gradients, while Rez plays within structural elements and patiently detailed intricacies. After creating over a dozen pieces together, we have learned to work with greater fluidity, and as time goes on, we’ve helped push each other to grow and to become better artists.

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Amy Lavin Stevens

Originally from Naples Florida, Amy Lavin Stevens currently resides in Lakewood, Colorado. She Graduated from the University of North Florida with a degree in Design and has been in Colorado for 5 years. She enjoys print making, painting, and working in her garden. She designed the hand logo for Meel's Mountain Massage and does free-lance marketing. Currently we have two works of art made by Amy in the studio.