The Short Story

My name is Amelia Warriner also known as "Meel".  I am a graduate of University of Alabama with a Bachelor of Science in general health. I moved to Denver in February 2015, graduated from the Berkana Institute of Massage Therapy in June 2016, received my licence in August of 2016, and have been practicing ever since. The modalities included in my practice include Swedish, deep tissue, prenatal, neuromuscular therapy, and Thai massage. Currently, I am on a premed track at Metropolitan State University at Denver and intend to apply to osteopathic medical schools after completion of my biology degree.


The Long Story

In February 2015 I began a job as an appointment center specialist at Denver Health Public Hospital. I started to realize the main flaws within America’s health system.  The way insurance works is a disaster, the type of care people are getting is insufficient, prescriptions can be dangerous and addictive, and there is not enough emphasis on a treatment plan that is holistic and realistic for most patients. Therefore, I left my job at the end of August.

My mind started to run in circles with possible solutions.  I wanted to be in the health industry but I became disillusioned with the western definition of “medical care”. I wanted something different that can make a difference in someone’s life within a few treatments.  Once I decided to start looking into massage and alternative medicine I knew I was on the correct path and began attending the Berkana Institute in January 2016.

The art of massage and alternative medicine has been around for thousands of years. It has proven time and time again to be a successful form of therapy and the physiological science behind the art is absolutely intriguing.  I love the idea of manipulating the body in a way that repairs and restructures patients in a naturally holistic manner. I want patients that look forward to sessions with me rather than dreading a hospital environment where money and pharmaceuticals are at the center of treatment. I want my patients to feel loved and like they are taking control of their bodies and their healthcare. Western medicine has lost that feeling of control. I feel that massage and homeopathy are answers to a medical revolution our country desperately needs and I am excited and blessed to be able to become a part of this evolving system.

Currently I am back in school studying for my second Bachelor of Science in Biology at Metropolitan State University in downtown Denver where I intend to apply to Osteopathic medical school upon graduation. The human body is a subject I am extrememly passionate about and I hope that you feel motivated and inspired to take back your control over your healthcare.